White House Considers Unborn Babies a Security Threat

The White House is now requiring that visitors, when signing up for the White House tour, list unborn children as a separate human being.

Yet at the same time the Obama administration has made it extremely clear that they are pro abortion rights, which do not recognize unborn children, as a living entity, let alone a human being.

According to White House Visitors Office director Ellie Schafer the new procedure is happening for security reasons.

So apparently, an unborn child, while not being recognized as alive, is fully capable of committing terrorist acts. If the unborn are security threats, we are truly in trouble. They’re clearly striking out in revenge for the legalized murder of millions of their number. Or maybe they’re just angry over the amount of taxes they’ll be paying by the time they’re adults, due to the ridiculous amounts of spending by the Obama administration.

Perhaps the White House is worried that potential terrorists will pretend to be pregnant, to bring in an explosive device or weapons. Couldn’t just have a place to indicate you are pregnant on the form. That would be ridiculous

And of course it’s not like there are any security measures at the White House to prevent such things. Anyone can just walk in, it’s not as if everyone goes through metal detectors, past armed security with top security devices, or anything.

Here we yet again have a double standard of this administration. Unborn children are terrorist threats. So is grandma, your toddler, and bunny too.

At the same time the government consorts with known terrorists, allowing them free reign in various parts of the world. They sell guns to Mexican gun cartels, and then try to cover it up when Mexican and American citizens are killed with those same weapons.

This is the world we live in. Babies are terrorists, but murderers and conspirators run the country.

One thought on “White House Considers Unborn Babies a Security Threat”

  1. What happens if a woman marks down only one unborn child when in fact she is pregnant with two human beings but didn't know it, will she be charged with falsifying a document. I didn't think the Obama administration could get any nutter, but surprise, surprise.


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