Vikings Could Go to Los Angeles

Minneapolis, Minnesota and the Vikings have been unable to come to an agreement on the Vikings’ demand for a new stadium. The current contract ended last year, but it has been agreed that they’ll stay through this year in the old stadium.

The Vikings have been angling for a $975-million stadium to be built partly on the Metrodome site, with the state shouldering $398 million of the load, the city paying $150 million, and the Vikings and the NFL covering the remaining $427 million.

Minnesota has recently helped both the Minnesota Twins and the University of Minnesota gain new stadiums. The Vikings are massively popular in the state, but other places might be willing to give them the stadium they desire.

Reports place a plane belonging to Vikings owner Zygi Wilf, as being in Southern California. Rumors are that he’s met with Los Angeles city officials. Los Angeles has been without an NFL team since they lost both the Raiders and Rams to other cities.

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