US Government vs. Capitalism

The federal government, in a desperate attempt to distract from all the problems of it’s own, has decided to sue Apple and some publishers over the price of some ebooks. Eric Holder’s Justice Department decries their making profits as criminal. Yes, that’s right, the DoJ is coming out against capitalism.

Amazon regularly sells it’s ebooks for $9.99, which is below cost as Amazon tries to monopolize the market.. Apple and the publishers have been selling brand new ebooks for $12.99-14.99, or just enough to make a little money after all the costs. Brand new books, in print, sell for around $20 due to the cost of paper and printing.

The Department of Justice accuses the companies it is suing, of being part of a conspiracy against the American consumer. Since when is offering a product at a reasonable price, and making a tiny profit, a conspiracy? If the courts uphold this suit, capitalism itself is under attack from the US government.

And speaking of conspiracies against the American public, how about Obamacare or Project Gun Runner? Coerced participation in a government program, now that sounds like the makings of a conspiracy. Secretly smuggling guns into a foreign country and then selling them to drug lords, and then trying to hide it all when your own citizens are murdered with weapons that you technically own, now there’s a full on conspiracy.

If the Department of Justice truly had American interests at heart, it wouldn’t be trying to attack capitalism, one of the basic principles of the nation. They would and should be cleaning up their own mess, one they shouldn’t have started in the first place, and defending the country from the grasping reach of the executive branch.

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