Uganga Bans Action for Change

Uganda’s Attorney General has authorized the banning of Action for Change. The government states that the group has been staging protests, refusing to consult with police before hand. They further state that the group’s protests have become increasingly violent.

Action For Change, led by Kizza Besigye, had been planning to hold a march on Thursday in Kampala, to coincide with a meeting this week of the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

Their protests against corruption and the cost of living have become a regular event since elections in February 2011. They say the elections were rigged. Besigye lost that election to President Yoweri Museveni, for the third time.

Now that the group has been made illegal it is unclear what this will mean for Uganda. Will the leaders of the group, try to go around the ruling by simply renaming the group? Or will they just simply continue on? Tis unlikely that this will back the opposition down completely, though they may skip this march.

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