GM Pulls Funding of Heartland Institute, Backing The War on Thinking

Under pressure from groups such as Greenpeace, GM buckled under and embraced climate change as truth. GM CEO Dan Akerson said his company is running its business under the assumption that climate change is real.

This news was of course rabidly applauded by groups like Forecast the Facts, Huffington Post, the Center for American Progress,, Greenpeace, the Pacific Institute, Think Progress, and other such havens.

Once again thinking outside the liberal view point is the last thing you want to do, if running a company, let alone a think tank. Government forbid that people think for themselves and see a truth other than what you’ve crammed down their throats.

It should be noted that GM gave a resounding $15,000 a year. Yes, that’s the right amount of zeros. GM, barely gave anything anyways. They used to give a lot more. Oddly that all seemed to change around the time GM was bought out by the government. Even despite that they were the last auto maker to do anything. But if any single one is, then they must be stopped! Or at least so says the plant that Greenpeace worships.

Maybe it’s time for some hard data. How about the repeating cycles of global climate? The world has warmed and cooled repeatedly, before industry. And to attack American companies for it, is well ridiculous. American companies already are some of the cleanest in the world. Growing industry nations like China and India case the majority of the pollution. Comparing US industry to Europe isn’t fair either, as there is so much more US industry. Of course the US pollutes more than Lichtenstein or Belgium.

What’s worse is that global warming (or I’m sorry we don’t say that anymore do we?), is being used as just another excuse to tell us how to think. Just like evolution, you can’t dare to disagree with the system’s decisions. Thinking for yourself would be illegal, but they can’t pass that law (yet). So they discourage you from thinking by threatening your job, career, sometimes even more.

The building tyranny isn’t just about keeping us from doing things. It’s about keeping us from thinking.  Remember what we are really fighting for is simply the right to think what we want to. To decide what we believe, off of what we see going on around us. We should seek truth in everything, not just what the government or their paid drones tell us is correct.

Real totalitarian power comes if you control not just people’s jobs, healthcare, wages, lives, or even bodies. Total power comes from controlling thought. If you control what they think, then they won’t care what else you control.

In the end, remember, to Just Think for yourself.

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