Queen Elizabeth

Remembering: Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I

March 24, 1603 Queen Elizabeth I dies after ruling England for forty-four years.

Under Elizabeth I’s rule England had grown into a truly global power. Helping establish her as one of England’s greatest monarchs in all of history.

Elizabeth I established a permanent Protestant church, fought off Catholic influences that wished to see England subjugated, and encouraged the Calvinists of Scotland.

One of the most famous victories for her England, came in 1588, against the Spanish Armada. A combination of determined English sailors and weather saw England take Spain’s spot as the world’s greatest navy.

She also greatly encouraged exploration, which later helped ensure England’s dominance in North America, and other parts of the world.

The English Renaissance took place during her reign, a time where artists such as William Shakespeare thrived into greatness.

Elizabeth I feared that a marriage would endanger her authority, and so never married. This led to her nickname “The Virgin Queen”. It was because of this nickname that Virginia was named after her.

Because she had no heirs, her nearest relative King James of Scotland became ruler of England, upon her death. James would unite Scotland and England, beginning the formation of Great Britain or the United Kingdom.

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