Syrian Violence Increases and Spreads

Government troops continue to pound opposition areas with artillery, tanks, and rockets. Over the past week hundreds have been killed as security forces besiege cities, towns, and neighborhoods that are homes to the protestors, opposition, and rebels. The fighting in Syria is so one sided that most of it is simply a massacre. There are places where rebels and troops that have defected are able to fight back, but for the most part they are simply just out gunned.

Lebanon, has also seen violence due to the Syrian conflict, hours after a mass rally against Syrian President Bashar al Assad. Street fighting has broken out in parts of Tripoli between groups that support Assad and groups that are for his removal from office. The Lebanese military has begun making raids into the neighborhoods, in an effort to enforce peace.

United States Ambassador Ford, who had been the head of the Syrian embassy until it was closed, has led a US campaign of sharing declassified satellite pictures from the Facebook for the embassy. The photos show Syrian military forces bombarding their own cities. U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said, “Our intent here is to obviously expose the ruthlessness of the brutality of this regime and its overwhelming predominant advantage and the horrible kind of weaponry that it is deploying against its people”.

The US is not the only country closing it’s embassy. Several other countries have, whilst others kept theirs open but recalled their ambassadors. Others yet have had theirs forcibly closed by Syria. Tunisia and Libya, homes to successful anti-government revolts last year, both received messages that they had 72 hours to get out of the country.

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