Advantages of Bringing In-N-Out to Denver

If you’ve ever been to Southern California, you’ve likely enjoyed an In-N-Out burger. Over the last decades, they’ve expanded into Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Texas. You may have even traveled out of your way to hit one of the locations. I know I have added an hour or so to a trip for a burger and shake there.
Recently it was announced that Denver city councilman, Albus Brooks, is working with In-N-Out to bring them to Denver and other parts of Colorado. Some have come out against the idea complaining that we should stick to the local burger places and keep Colorado for Colorado. But the overwhelming majority support this idea in full. There really are many great benefits for Colorado to get In-N-Out to open stores in the state.
The most obvious of the benefits would be the great quality and taste of the restaurants. Yes it is fast food, but everything is fresh, never frozen. As the company’s slogan says “Quality you can taste”. The official menu is quite simple, but for those who desire there is a “secret” menu to be had.
Secondly, as those of us who live in Denver know, there really aren’t that great of burgers to be had here. O some will argue for one place or another, but let’s face it, if they really were that great everyone would know of them (If you’re one of those, tell me where and I will gladly come try it). Truly our best hope has been another California chain, Fatburger, which has a couple locations in the metro. Other than that we really only have places like Red Robin and McDonald’s to rely on for our burgers. So basically here we have a large city without great burgers. Anyone else see the demand for In-N-Out here? Remember the insane lines when Krispy Kreme opened at Park Meadows? In-N-Out would make that look like nothing.
The most important benefit of In-N-Out coming to Colorado would be the economics. They would create jobs, at their stores and distribution center. And good paying ones with benefits. This is not a company that gives minimum wage and that’s it. They truly take care of their employees. And more importantly to the rest of the state, the fact that the company uses everything fresh means they would be buying their food supplies from local companies, who with the increased demand might be able to grow and expand themselves. Just one In-N-Out could literally mean hundreds of thousands more dollars being spent in state, each year. Imagine what a dozen or more locations could mean.
I truly can not think of an actual negative to In-N-Out expanding to Denver, the front range, and the rest of Colorado. There is nothing but win in such an arrangement.

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