US Navy Ship Strikes Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor

USNS Mercy Strikes USS Arizona MemorialA US Navy ship struck the visitor’s dock of the USS Arizona Memorial, on Wednesday.

The dock was partially destroyed, in the accident, however, the Memorial building itself was undamaged.

No word has been released on whether or not the USS Arizona was damaged in anyway.

Officials say that the Memorial will be closed for a week, while the dock is repaired.

The USNS Mercy, a medical vessel, was being guided by two tugboats, when the collision occurred.

An investigation of the incident is underway, to determine responsibility for hitting one of the nation’s most treasured memorials.

Putin Bans Speaking of Soldier’s Deaths as Russia’s Army Masses on Ukraine’s Border

Russian Troops Building up in UkraineVladimir Putin declared an amendment to Russian law, on Thursday, which makes the death of Russian troops, during peacetime, a state secret.

War time deaths are already a state secret, per Russian law.

Putin’s decree comes as Russian troops are once again massing near the Ukrainian border.

Russia denies the troops, who have pulled all military insignia from their vehicles and uniforms, however, only Russia could field such a strong force, in that area.

Unmarked Russian forces have been active in eastern Ukraine and the Crimea, since at least February of last year.

Whenever proof is attained, that some of the troops are Russian soldiers, Russia states that they are volunteers who have left active Russian service to aid the Ukrainian rebels.

With this many troops built up, near the border, it is clear Russia is planning on taking a bigger bite out of Ukraine, it is unclear just how big that will be.

Even less clear is what it will take for the rest of Europe, and the world, to act and stop Russia from their aggression.

Roads Begin Melting as India’s Heat Wave Claims 1400 Lives

Road Melting in New Dehli

Record high temperatures in the hundred and teens continue in India.

Roads have literally begun to melt, due to the continued extreme heat.

More than fourteen hundred people have been confirmed dead, due to the record breaking heat.

Around a thousand of those have been in the state of Andhra Pradesh, in the southeast.

Only about a third of the country’s residents have access to electricity for fans and air conditioning, leaving around eight hundred million to do without.

Even then, the massive demand is over taxing the power grid, causing shortages in power.

Authorities have been advising everyone to drink water and stay indoors, or at least in the shade.

Monsoon season is set to start next week, for the southeast, but for other parts of the country is still a couple weeks out.

Til then, no relief from the heat is expected.

At Least 22 Possibly Exposed After US Government Accidentally Ships Live Anthrax

Osan Air Force BaseTwenty-two people were possibly exposed to anthrax, at Osan Air Base in South Korea, on Wednesday.

During a training exercise, live samples of anthrax were mistakenly used.

Officials said that all personnel, who may have been exposed, were given preventative treatment immediately, with all necessary precautions, and that none of them are showing signs of illness.

Information has also come out that the live anthrax was shipped via FedEx, instead of secure transport, as the samples were thought to be dead, not alive.

The samples came from a lab in Dugway, Utah, and were sent to the Air Force Base, in South Korea, as well as other locations within the US.

Anyone known to have been around the samples; at the lab, during it’s transportation, and at the other destinations; is being given preventative treatment, as well.

According to officials, there have been no signs of actual exposure.

Round the clock observations, have been ordered to ensure that such is the case.

Top FIFA Officials Arrested for Corruption

FIFA LogoSoccer fans around the world were shocked by FIFA news, on Wednesday.

Fourteen people, including nine high ranking members of FIFA, were charged with corruption, tax evasion, money laundering, and accepting bribes.

According to the charges, the bribes totaled over one hundred and fifty million dollars.

Some of the bribes were from countries attempting to sway officials into giving their country a World Cup.

Switzerland and the US Justice Department announced that separate investigations had come to the same conclusion.

Police, in Switzerland, arrested seven of the accused, and plan on extraditing them to the US.Six of those charged have already plead guilty.

Officials said that people will possibly be charged, as they laid out details of the massive money conspiracy.

At this time, FIFA president Sepp Blatter is not among those charged, though his vice president, Jeffrey Webb, was among those arrested.

FIFA has previously been accused of corruption, but until now all investigations had been internal.

Fallout, from this surprise, could cost Blatter his fifth term as president, to which he was expected to be voted into this week.

His opponent, Prince Ali bin Al Hussein of Jordan, had already promised to seek out and rid FIFA of any corruption.

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